Give people an opportunity to develop themselves and you will be surprised at what they can do for themselves

We the SACDEP Board, Staff and Development partner communities are sincerely delighted to have you as our most valued guest.

We are glad to take you with us as we share with you our thoughts, beliefs, philosophy and experiences with regard to developmental achievements and challenges in people’s livelihoods.

On this site we strive to give an overview of who we are and a brief of what SACDEP has achieved in the last 20 years of operation in Kenya. We appreciate the fact that our work continues to focus on smallholder farming communities, “those at the BOTTOM OF THE PYRAMID” in facilitating them to unlock their existing potential towards achieving tangible economic benefits that ensure improved livelihoods.

Our main activities are geared towards filling the existing technological gaps through building the skills of communities on the principles and practices of Sustainable Agriculture.

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Our Mission

Our mission as an organization is to facilitate sustainable development for communities in Kenya and the East African Region who have low access to resources, to enable livelihood improvement through Sustainable Agriculture principles and practices.